Tini for Famoza: Every show on my tour is unique experience, come and dance with me!

“Got Me Started” tour is well under way but thankfully, Tini Stoessel once again found some time to speak with Famoza and answer many of the burning questions! We asked her about her tour, but also her clothing line, future plans and even about her new tattoo, boyfriend Pepe and brother Fran! Enjoy it!

1. Hi Tini! How did it felt when you said to yourself for the first time, „I’m going on my solo tour?“

Ahh it felt incredible!! I still don’t think it’s really sunk in. I don’t think it really will until the moment i step onto the stage for the first time. We’ve been working so hard to make it really the best it can possibly be and i’m so excited to share it. I can’t wait to see everyones reactions…

2. You’ve had great experience with „Violetta“ tours but now you perform alone on the scene. Will it be tougher or just different challenge for you?

Yes the Violetta tours were absolutely amazing, really. It’s definitely different performing by myself and of course I miss having all of the other cast around but at the same time I am really enjoying the challenge and am so excited to perform all of my solo music, as well as some familiar songs from Violetta!

3. We’ve heard something about the surprises on your tour and obviously you’ve managed to hide them from your Tinistas! Could you give us some hints?

Haha I love to keep surprises! I don’t want to reveal too much right now but I will say that I want all of the fans to come ready to sing and dance along with me!! I can’t wait to see them again!

4. You’re schedule is pretty hectic – do you think you’ll have time for other things on tour except performing? For example, hanging with fans and walk around the wonderful cities you are going to visit?

Totally! I really hope that this time i will be able to take some time out to explore and to meet everyone. I’m really excited to come to Budapest and Vienna, they are both such beautiful cities but I need some ideas on the best places to visit! I will look out for all of your recommendations 

5. Do you think that every show will be a bit different or almost the same? Do you try to give fans the same experience or do you like to improvise to extent?

Of course, the main structure of the shows will be similar but every time we perform it it is unique. The dancers and band have moments of improvisation, and I never really know what i’m going to say until i’m up there! I really feed off the atmosphere and for each audience it is different.

6. You always seem to have time and great mood for your fandom, even when you are tired and they are very loud and excited. How do you do that?

Absolutely!! I will always have time for the fans. I always say that they are unconditional, whatever the weather, the time, the place, they are always there supporting me and smiling. Even if i’ve been travelling for hours and i’m feeling completely exhausted their energy and love lifts me up! They are incredible. Really the best in the world.

7. Do you have time to check profiles of your fans on social networks?

You guys know I love my social networks, i’m always looking at them and it’s great to be able to connect with the fans so directly. I am quite a curious person so i’m always checking out peoples profiles!

8. You’ve said that you plan to start work on your next album before the end of the year. Do you think this tour will help you with inspiration for it or maybe to write a new book?

Being able to travel as part of the tour really gives me so many opportunities to listen to new music, to explore, to discover new things and to find inspiration. It’s an amazing experience for me and I try and make the most of every minute!

9. We saw Fran in one of your first v-log from the tour. Will he travel with you all the time and will have really be the backup singer if needed? We’re never sure is he serious or just having a joke with us! Oh, and our readers are saying that you two should make a duet!

Hahahahahaha. I would LOVE for me and Fran to do a duet, it would be so funny. Unfortunately he won’t be joining my back up singers for the tour but he does to dance and sing along. When i’m rehearsing and i look out past the lights I can just see him there dancing away! I’m really lucky that he will travel with me for the whole tour, it makes me so happy to have him with me wherever I go and i’m sure you’ll be seeing alot more of him on my YouTube channel! Watch out for it!

10. Did you ever caught Pepe singing your songs?

Yes! Especially when we first met whilst filming the Great Escape music video. He couldn’t get it out of his head for weeks.

11. What inspired you to to your own clothing line? Which thing from you line is your favourite?

I’ve always loved fashion, it’s something that I’m really interested in and if I hadn’t become an actress i think i would have loved to pursue a career in it. My phone is full of screenshots and pictures i’ve taken of inspiration and things that I like. So now really this is a dream come true for me, i’m able to combine all of my passions! I really love the whole line, they are all items and styles that I wear day to day and there’s something for every occasion. I love the t-shirts with Olga on them, there’s a beautiful pink outfit that you can wear either in the evenings to a party or just to chill during the day, and also an amazing jacket with incredible detail. I can’t wait to hear what you all think!

12. Could you tell us the meaning of your new tattoo?

I’m so impressed that you guys noticed it so quickly!! It’s just a tiny little one on my foot that says Fe which means Faith. After the one I got with Carola on my arm I’ve learnt my lesson with getting tattoos in obvious places so this one is just a little one and it’s easy to hide away!

13. We saw you promoting your tour and album all over Europe in the past months. Do you enjoy these experiences?
It’s so amazing getting to come to Europe and share the tour and album with everyone. I really love Europe, it’s a second home to me and every time I come everyone is so welcoming and friendly. It’s great to be able to meet people in person and find out what they think about my solo music, if they will be coming to my tour, to share my clothing line, I love it.

14. And when we’re at the subject, could you see yourself doing promotion somewhere you’ve never been so far, like Serbia or Croatia? We would love you to experience the passion of our Tinistas!

Honestly i would really love the opportunity to come to both Serbia and Croatia. I always see messages from the Serbian and Croatian fans on social media, they are really sweet and one day I really hope I can come to see you in person and thank you for all of your love.

15. Thousands of Tinistas from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and other Balkans countries are coming to see you in Vienna and especially in Budapest. What can they expect?

Wow. I really feel so honoured and touched that people are travelling from far and wide to come to my shows. I hope that you can expect to have so much fun, to sing and to dance with me and all of the other fans, together we’re going to have an incredible time. I promise it will be a night to remember!!

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