“Tini” CD once again sold out in Serbia : Tinistas hoping for Tini signing session in Belgrade!


Serbia is still the only country in Adriatic region where local Tinistas have a chance to buy “Tini” album by Martina Stoessel but it’s been sold out for the second again, as told to Famoza by local retailers and Universal Music Serbia.

Thousand Tinistas in Serbia are hoping that this is another proof of Martina’s huge popularity in this country and that there is chance that Tini signing session could actually be organized in Serbian capital Belgrade in the next couple of weeks! Do they finally have a chance to see their idol for the first and show her their incredible support? “For years we are waiting to show her what she means to us and how much we love her. She is our everything and I know this will happen”, Jelena told us. “I know she cares deeply for all of us, no matter where we live. She also told us to never let go our dreams – and our dream is to meet her”.

In the last couple of months, Tini retweeted many posts by local Tinistas and answer tens of their questions on YouTube which gave the whole fandom in Serbia even more hope that something deemed impossible may very well happen. Universal Music Serbia and Famoza are currently hard at work trying to make “Tini signing session” happen in Belgrade. Fans deserve to meet Tini but Tini also deserves a chance to meet them – we are sure she would be very pleasantly surprised!

Autor: Famoza.net
Foto: Nikola Dolapčev

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Vladimir Dolapčev je vlasnik i urednik medija Famoza.net. Prethodno je pet godina uređivao portal srpskog izdanja časopisa BRAVO. Najveća želja mu je da Famoza bude drugačiji od svih teen medija i da pomogne u dovođenju mladih zvezda u region.

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      1. Mislila sam: možda neko drugi ne zna engleskom.
        Hvala vam Famozo, ali zar niste mogli da prevedete na Srpski?

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