Gone in a day: „Tini“ CD sold out in Serbia in less then 24 hours!


On Friday, July 1st „Tini“ CD finally arrived in Serbia but every single copy was sold in less then 24 hours! Universal Music confirmed that „Tini“ is currently out of the stock but new quantity will arrive very soon.

Best selling status in Serbia was a huge surprise for local retailers even though Famoza predicted this level of demand. It should be pointed out that Serbia got the CD after a huge demand by the Tinistas and our media house, which makes Serbia the only country in the world who got CD by demand and not by default.

Hopefully, this success proves that there is huge Martina Stoeessel fandom in Serbia and that it will be another motive for local concert organizers to bring Tini to Serbia and Balkan for the first time in her career. Tinistas from Serbia already caught attention of Martina, her mom Mariana and dad Alejandro who all tweeted their messages, videos and photos numerous times.

Author: Famoza.net
Photo: Nikola Dolapčev

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Vladimir Dolapčev je urednik medija Famoza.net. Prethodno je pet godina uređivao portal srpskog izdanja časopisa BRAVO. Najveća želja mu je da Famoza bude drugačiji od svih teen medija i da pomogne u dovođenju mladih zvezda u region.

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