Marcus and Martinus for Famoza: We don’t need to date famous girls!

Once again, Famoza had a chance to interview Marcus and Martinus, and guess what? Once again, we’ve let MMers from all over Europe to send their questions for the boysWe are sure they had so much fun answering these like the last time, as you asked them their music, eMMa, Tico and of course, their love life, and you did it better than any journalist could ever do!

What pieces do you like the most in your new collection? (Anđela)

Martinus: Oooh, good question. I really like all of the hoodies and the pants, they are so soft and have really good quality. Maybe the tan hoodie with the green text, that’s one of my favorites at least. 

Marcus: Yeah, you need to try on one of the hoodies! Feels so nice to wear. I think my favorite is the blue one. And I think all the items are so cool.

Kad biste mogli da nosite samo jednu kombinaciju zauvek, šta bi to bilo? (Sara)

Martinus: Oooh, then it must be something comfortable! But also cool. I think I would choose like jeans and a cool t-shirt. And a jacket when it gets cold.

Marcus: Probably a comfy sweater or hoodie and some track suit pants. I’m choosing clothes that feel comfortable all the way.

Who takes longer to get ready? (Ivana)

Marcus: Martinus!

Martinus: Yeah, it’s probably me most of the time.

Have you started to drive, will you take the driving test soon? (Adelisa)

Marcus: Yes, we have started to drive! We practice as often as we can.

Martinus: We will take the test as soon as we turn 18, at least try. And hopefully pass the test!

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We finally got a dog! Say hi to Tico🐶❤️

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Is it hard to take care of Tico? (Sofija)

Martinus: No, it’s not hard, it’s very nice! He’s growing so fast, and its so nice to take care of him.

Marcus: We each share the responsibilities with him, like taking him out on walks and things like that. It’s very nice to have a dog.

Does your future girlfriend need to be famous? (Ivana)

Martinus: No, of course not!

Marcus: No, she doesn’t.

How would someone get your special attention? (Sajra)

Marcus: Just sliiide in to my DM’s you know? Haha. 

Martinus: Ooh, it’s hard to say, because I know I get a lot of DMs but it’s too many for me to open. But you know, be nice in the comments and maybe make me laugh.

Have you ever read dirty fan fiction about yourself? (Staša)

Marcus: Ouff, no. I have seen that it exist, but I really don’t want to read it.

Martinus: No, me neither. Like, everyone can write what they want, but I don’t want to know about it haha.

Will you make a song with Emma? (Ivona)

Martinus: I don’t think so. She has got her own career now, and I don’t really think she would want to make a song with us!

Marcus: No, she’d just be like «Do your own songs! I want my own!»

Is it sometimes hard when MMers are asking you about new songs and a new album, and you can’t tell them anything about it? So, can you tell us something about your upcoming music? 😉

Marcus:It is a little bit hard, but also worth it because it wouldn’t be fun to release stuff and no one would be excited because they already knew everything… right?

Martinus: Exactly. So no, can’t tell you anything about anything new yet!

And what can you tell us about your upcoming European tour? Will it be in spring or autumn? Will you take Emma with you? Give us anything!

Martinus: We will tell you everything as soon as it’s ready! Planning a tour is a big project, and it’s not finished yet. Sorry about that!

Marcus: But we will tell you as soon as we can. PROMISE.

Is it easy for you to remember MMers that you’ve met before? (Jovana)

Martinus: Well, not always, but I think I remember most of the ones I have talked with.

Marcus: Yeah, it’s hard because we meet a lot of people you know. But if the person has something special about them, like a special shirt or hair or something like that, it’s easier to remember.

Martinus: And also when someone says «Remember when we met there» I always remember, I just sometimes need a little reminder haha.

Let’s do a test – do you guys remember Serbian girl that gave Marcus Nemanja Matić’s shirt in Sweden during your summer tour? Did he sign it when you met him later in Norway?

Martinus: Yes, we remember!

Marcus: We got his signature, but it was on another shirt I think. He’s such a cool guy. 


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