Jorge Blanco for Famoza: Be ready for what’s coming!

Jorge Blanco has a lot on his mind, and Famoza was lucky enough to talk to him about his plans, but also to dig in his „Violetta“ past. Still a massive star in his native Mexico, Latin America, and Europe, Jorge feels more determined than ever to show everyone that his best is yet to come!

Hi Jorge! It’s an honor to be the first Balkans media to speak with you! How was the beginning of this year for you? Did you have enough time to recharge and get ready for what lies ahead?

Totally! Last year was crazy, personally, and professionally. I got to do really cool things with the music we released and reconnected with my Latin American audience.

Could you tell us more about your plans for 2020? Will you maybe release your album and go on a tour?

I’m kinda resetting a lot of things for this year (in a positive way). I wanna take a new direction in my music and within the project as whole. That’s why it’s taking us more time than usual. We are working hard.

As we are mentioning your album – do you plan a few duets? As you can imagine, people would love to see you doing something with Tini once more!

Tini and I have already talked about it. It’s something that we wanna do for sure; we just have to find the right moment in our schedule to get together and come up with something.

How do you feel knowing that young people around the world are learning Spanish inspired by you and your music/acting?

It’s crazy finding out that doing what you love to do can inspire other people. That’s another thing that made me fall in love with my job even more! Plus, it’s great to know that I can share a piece of my culture and my language with my music and characters. I feel fully honored to represent my country in other parts of the globe like that.

Still, will you be making more music in English and focus on your fans in North America and Europe?

Sure! One of my objectives with my project is to get to all my fans everywhere. So, even though we’ve been focusing a bit more on the Hispanic market, we still have plans for music projects directed to English speaking fans and listeners. So, be ready!

We have a special question from Ambar of the awesome fan page jorgeblancofwx, and it’s something we are all interested in! Will we ever get a chance to hear studio versions of your old songs like „Maria „(our personal favorite!), „Bad Karma,“ „Hot Damn,“ „Guilt,“ and „Hold Me Down“?

We are trying to see how we can fit those songs with the new stuff we’re working on. I want people to be able to have them and listen on repeat.

„Violetta „is still so important for your Jorgistas. If you had a time machine, would you get back and do it all over again?

More than a time machine, a full-on reunion would be awesome! I don’t know a concert or some fun excuse to get everyone together and a cool wink for the fans! Just the fact of getting together with my Violetta family would make me really happy.

Many old shows like „Lizzie McGuire“ or „Friends“ are being revived in some way, so do you think it might happen with „Violetta“?

I don’t know, but if it did, it would be really fun!

Is El Duo Dinamico still alive? Who was the last person from the „Violetta“ cast you have been in contact with, either live or via phone?

El Duo Dinamico is always alive! Every time I get together or speak with Ruggero, it’s like if we never stopped seeing each other. He was the last cast member I spoke with actually haha.

Will you maybe revive your YouTube account and make new vlogs?

Yes, that’s one of the things I’m working on with my whole „Reset“ project. You’ll see me back on YouTube soon.

Do you plan to get back to acting? Is there anything in sight now?

There are definitely some things on the forefront. I can’t say much, but I assure you, you will see me on screen soon!

Finally, what would be the title of the movie about your life?

Rollercoaster! Hahaha, there’s ups and downs and a lot of unexpected and scary turns, but at the end… it’s all fun and really worth it!


Photo: Instagram/Jorge Blanco

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