Dani at MM concert in Brno: The best experience ever

Hello, everyone! I am Dani and I am Bulgarian mmer. This year for my birthday I received a ticket for the concert in Brno. Since then I was counting the days and every day I put a cross over the day, which had finished.

Only a few days had left to the concert and our trip to Czech Republic, when my mom entered in my room with a ticket for the SOON VIP SESSION. I was in shock. I have never met the boys face to face and it was like the last chance to talk with MM.

On 11th of July we had our flight to Prague. We slept there and on the next day we had a tour in the beautiful Prague. My heart did not stop beating all the time. Less than 30 hours I would meet the boys for the first time. Around 12 am we started getting ready for the concert. I was together with my mom and best friends – Didi and Neli. We took a bus to Brno at 4 am and early in the morning we were at Brno central bus station. It took us a little bit more time to find out the best transport to the Slavkov Castle, where was the concert. Around 11 am we were in front of the main doors of Slavkov Castle. Hundreds or mmers were standing there no matter the bad weather (some of them had slept there and that was insane).

First started the vip session with the meeting. I was wondering a while before the meeting what to ask them. I wanted to be something interesting and a question, which they had never been asked. And guess what I asked – What was your first baby word? They smiled at first, Marcus told that it was a nice question and of course they did not know the answer so they asked their dad. It is supposed that their first word had been mom or dad. Also I sent to them many greetings from the Bulgarian mmers and showed them the big flag, which I was carrying with me all the time. They were surprised a little bit and also Martinus did a heart with his hands. They were very friendly and asked me how much excited I was for the concert. I was so shy to talk with them, because I did not want to say something wrong or to look like a crazy fan. In the end all people, who were attending received a bag with merchandise from mmstore and also we took a group photo. What a great experience!

Then I did my best to be as much closer to the stage as it was possible! Believe me – I have never run so fast as on that day!

The concert was lit as always! MM did an amazing work and it was visible that they had been grown together with their music. To listen guitar and all new songs from SOON EP was thrilling experience, which I will never forget! Also I met for the first and some friends for the second time!

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